• PCB "Fab-In-A-Box" Starter Kit

The "Starter kit" contains everything you need to start making single and double-sided PCBs in just a few minutes... transfer paper, copper laminate and sealing foils.

The only other items you'll need besides the Starter Kit and the TIA applicator (or a calibrated houshold iron) is your laser printer or copier, a bowl of water, paper towel, etchant of your choice and a small can of Acetone to remove the toner image from the board after etching.

With this Starter kit and the recommended "Apache" Toner Image Applicator "TIA" you will have the ability to make high density, high quality single and double-sided PCBs, first time, every time in about 8 minutes. Plus you can do it WITHOUT using an etching tank! We developed this really unique technique a few years back that you've got to try for yourself.

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PCB "Fab-In-A-Box" Starter Kit

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