• Green Toner Reactive Foil (GreenTRF)

This "GreenTRF" foil is used to seal the toner image against the etchant, resulting in a perfectly etched image.

Toner is a very porous material. If left alone on the board and etched, you'd wind up with micro-pitted copper (or even near- invisible hairline breaks) due to the porasity of the toner. It's just not a "solid" toner image. The etchant actually gets into the toner and works its way down to the copper resulting in very poorly etched circuit boards.

The "GreenTRF" solves this problem completely by encapsulating the toner image in solid plastic color. An absolute "must have" for producing quality boards with traces widths down to an amazing .005".

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Green Toner Reactive Foil (GreenTRF)

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